mother daughter day ideasMothers and daughters share a very special relationship. It’s important to put time into the relationship and spend regular quality time with your daughter. The problem with this is, is that it can be hard to come up with new and interesting ways to spend time together each week. So here are suggestions I think are good that you can enjoy with your daughter whether she is 4 or 14!

Go to a Salon

Some mother-daughter teams might prefer going to an actual day spa for manicures, facials, and other pampering treatments. My wife and daughter love going to the Justin Teal Hair West Hollywood Hair salon. Keep in mind, though, that you could also create your own "spa day" at home or at a friend's house. Set up everything you'll need to do each other's nails, plus some relaxing music and a cool drink… then giggle your way through the mani-pedi process.

Go On a Long Bike Ride

This option offers fresh air, exercise, and a fun change of scene. You could even go all out and wear sundresses, floppy hats, and big sunglasses. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way. If your daughter is young and can’t ride, then she can sit in the back.

Attend a Fancy Tea

I’m sure your daughter loves fancy things like mine does. Many restaurants and hotels offer a high tea in which you can enjoy fancy tableware, dress-up clothes, and delicious pastries along with your choice of teas. Older girls may enjoy the sense of decorum and specialness that comes with a high tea atmosphere. For younger girls, set up a tea party at home with fun snacks and your little girl's best toy tea service.

Enjoy Movie Night

As a loyal husband, I’ve learned to love chick flicks; seen The Notebook now 16 times. Rent a fun flick that you'll both enjoy, and provide popcorn. Take the opportunity afterward to talk about what you each liked best about the movie. You could even do a double feature with a fun togetherness activity, like baking cookies, during the intermission.

Take a Class Together

Find a local art or craft class that you would both enjoy. You'll have a fun experience together as well as coming home with special handmade items to keep. Alternatively, spend two or three hours exploring a local museum–preferably one with lots of hands-on interactive exhibits.

It's a good idea to brainstorm a list of possible dates so that you can take turns choosing the activity. Remember, regardless of the activity you choose for your mother-daughter date, what makes it quality time is enjoying each other. Take time to really listen, be playful, and have fun with each other to make memories that you can revisit for a lifetime.

David Wise is the father of two little girls.




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