One of the most talked about movies this year is THE HELP  starring Emma Stone.  Based on the book with the same title written by  Kathryn Stockett .  It’s a story of friendship and equality that shows that the truth will set you free.  This movie shows how segregation effected both the whites and colored in the 1960s. It shows the courage of one woman and of the women who helped her make her dream a reality.

It’s 1960s in Mississippi

Segregation of colored and whites is in full swing, every place you go there is separation : buses, movies, homes, everywhere. Children were brought up by colored women who worked in the homes.  The women of society don’t look kindly on the colored and when one of them suggests a “home health sanitation initiative” which would require homes to have a separate restroom for the colored help and ban them from using the guest bathroom;  Eugina (Emma Stone)  decides to show the inequality by writing a book from the help’s point of view.

The women in this story are a diverse group of women

The colored women  Aibileen and Minny(Viola Clark and Octavia Spencer) who each have their own issues to deal with. Celia(Jessica Chastain)    who is the town outcast and herself is shunned by society’s women and Eugina who is not meeting standards on what she should be. The scenes showing the colored and the white women of society illustrates the segregation of that time very well.

The Book

Once the book comes out the white society women get just what they deserve, a slap of reality as they try to hide behind there pristine reputations. In the course of the movie friendships are formed and Eugina grows into a woman who stands up for what is right. Smaller roles in the movie that were also played well are by Mary Stenburgen as the NY Publisher and Allison Janney  as Eugina’s mother, both of these women added to the movie with their roles.

My Review

I enjoyed this movie, how it spoke about women and that we are all alike in some way. It speaks of friendship, equality and love. I give it an B  and a four out of five stars.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I LOVED this movie & enjoyed your review of it. It’s definitely one not to miss & I’ve already purchased it on dvd! There’s another new film coming out in Feb. that someone shared with me recently that reminds me of this one. Thought you want to take the time to check it out too. Deadline is a great new independent film with investigative journalism & murder mystery at its center, but some wonderful themes of redemption are woven throughout. It is also based on a book & a true southern story. Check out the trailer at & be sure to keep your eyes open for show times next month. Thanks again for your great words!

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