GleePretty much everyone I talk to has an opinion about the TV show Glee. It has been cooking up quite a storm of debate since its first season began in the fall of 2009; some people absolutely love it, while others despise any mention of it. Whichever camp you fall into, no one can deny that Glee has made a huge impact in popular culture today, having been praised for its excellent musical style, and also parodied on several shows such as South Park and Community.


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last three years, here’s a brief breakdown: Glee tells the story of a high school glee club – a musical group, which traditionally specializes in the singing of short songs – and is made up of various attendees of the school. As the group competes on the show choir competition circuit, they must also deal with teenage pressures that include relationships, sexuality, and social issues. Aside from the brilliantly produced musical numbers, Glee’s success is widely regarded as stemming from these relationships and the entanglements our Glee Club members find themselves in. Here are some of our favorite romantic entanglements from the first three seasons that really tugged at the heartstrings.


Rachel and Finn

Rachel is a nobody who is made fun of by pretty much everybody else at school, especially the cheerleaders and jocks. Enter Finn, one of the most popular guys at school, and a player on the school’s football team. Although Finn has a girlfriend, he and Rachel develop strong feelings for one another after they both join Glee Club and start singing together. After the breaking up of Finn and his girlfriend, he eventually tells Rachel exactly how much he loves her at Regionals, and the two have been together since.


Brittany and Santana

These two girls are best friends who used to cheer together for the Cheerios and are now members of Glee Club. This “friends with benefits” duo has been very close since the series began, but that doesn’t mean it’s been plain sailing for either one of them. Brittany is, let’s say, a little slow, and Santana can be a bit of a pistol at times. After apparently having a fling together, it appears their relationship is rather one-sided, with Brittany making more of an effort to be with Santana. It looks like neither one of the girls is likely to get their way in the future.


Will and Emma

These two have never had it easy. Will and Emma are the sort of couple who have a lot of obstacles to get through before they can truly be happy with one another. Both of them work at McKinley high school – Will as a Spanish teacher and Emma as a guidance counselor. It’s obvious from the start that they both have feelings for each other, but at one time or another one of them has always been seeing somebody else. Will was married with a child on the way, and when that relationship ended, Emma was dating a new guy.

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