hiking tipsIt is the month of Valentine and what better way to start your exercise and weight loss regime with your partner, than hiking. Valentine’s Day is for lovers and on this day couples exchange vows, gifts and love notes. This Valentine’s Day, pledge to hike and spend some quality time with your partner.

 Shop online

Now that you’ve decided to go hiking to enjoy being in the open with your partner, buy yourself hiking gear and proper shoes. There are sale and discounts happening on the internet for trail running gear too. In fact I bought hiking boots for just $50. Believe me, it’s true. Enjoy shopping online before you take off on Nature’s trail.

Pack organic diet snacks

This is another important aspect of hiking. Pack snacks that are high in calories and carbohydrates. This releases instant energy and helps you in your climb. Fresh fruits, vegetables like potatoes, tuna fish sandwiches and meat slices along with electrolyte content energy drinks should be sumptuous while hiking with your partner. Eat small meals every two hours and you should be able to complete your hiking without any trouble. You may ask how you’ll lose weight when you’re eating carbohydrates. I would like to tell you here that climbing burns more calories than walking or running. When you climb your thighs and buttocks are worked out more than other parts of the body. So you spend energy quite fast.

Ideal for weight loss

When you go hiking for more than a couple of hours, a minimum of 2000 calories is spent. So you see it’s good for weight loss as well as is a good stress buster. The serene surroundings and breathing space helps you to find tranquility and harmony within yourself. As a couple spending time together in silence helps you to bond well with you partner.

Making love in the wild adds to the adventure/ thrill of hiking. With the wildness around you, unleash your sexual desires with the tall peaks standing mute spectator to your amorous overtures. With rare species of birds and wild flowers blooming around you in myriad hues, you’re sure to be taken into an ethereal world of happiness.

Benefit From Twosome Blossom

Relationship experts feel that couples who have common hobbies get to last a longer time together. Hiking not only helps in spending time together; it also helps to keep fit, release stress and be away from city life for a while. When you’re one with Nature you get to enjoy the chirping of birds, the pure smell of fresh air and the lilting sound of water from a nearby waterfall. The silence of the tall mountains speaks volumes about its magnitude and makes you philosophical about the very purpose of your life.

Author bio- Latasri is a passionate writer who likes to share her fitness secrets with fellow bloggers. Click here to see some of the reviews written by her for hiking equipments. You can also read other posts written by her for this blog.

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5 Responses to Couples Who Hike Together Stay Together

  1. In Alaska, Hubs and I hiked a couple days a week together until it got too cold outside and it was a great way to spend some real time together. We really need to get back into that habit again.

  2. Kelley Johnsen says:

    My husband and I hike and run together and we love it. We like to take different trails and just enjoy the experiences together. Thanks for sharing this, more couples need to try this out. :-)

  3. Emily says:

    This summer my husband & I this is our goal to take the kiddo out & the dogs and just hike!

  4. My youngest daughter and her fiance love to hike in the hills of Ramona CA. They just had their engagement pictures taken there. They turned out so cute.

  5. Jennifer Hall says:

    My husband and I love to hike together as well, our most recent hike was a 3-day backpacking trip with our dogs:)

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