Baby Walking the Walk 5 Ways to Childproof Your DoorsAs your child begins to walk, it is common for them to want to explore the entire house, getting into places that you may not want them to be in. Not only are inside doors of the home a concern, but front doors and back doors can be concerning as well. When a child learns how to walk, he or she will more than likely try to figure out how to open doors as well. The thought of them walking outside without you ever knowing it can be extremely frightening. By taking the necessary precautions and childproofing your doors, you can be sure that your little ones are kept safely in your home. These 5 ways to childproof your doors will help you to get started in making the necessary changes to your home.

Hook and Eye Latches

Hook and eye latches are ideal for childproof light-weight doors around your home, such as screen doors. These types of doors can be the most concerning, as they are typically opened by simply pushing them gently. A hook and eye latch can be installed on the top of your door where your child is unable to reach. Simply latching the door will prevent your child from opening it unless strong force it used. In addition, hang a non-flashy bell that will not attract your child on the doorknob, so that you are able to hear it ring in the event that they attempt to open the door.

Child Proof Doorknob Covers

Installing doorknob covers on the doors that you do not want your child opening will make it more difficult for them to turn. These plastic devices can be installed by simply snapping each side together around the doorknob. The cover must then be squeezed while turning the doorknob in order to open it.

Child Proof Door Handle Lever Locks

If you have lever door handles around your home, door level locks are the ideal solution for child proofing. This unique type of lock works only on one side of the door, allowing you to enter and exit freely from the other side. After the door is opened and closed, the lock resets itself into place again. This type of door handle lock can be installed directly on the lever with the lock above the handle.

Additional Locks

When your child learns how to open the door and how to unlock the locks that are within their reach, another great child proofing solution is to simply install an additional lock out of reach of your child. This could be a second deadbolt if desired. You may also opt to switch out your current deadbolt for one that requires a key to open and close. By keeping the key in a safe place where you child is unable to obtain it, they will be unable to walk out of the door.

Baby Gates

Childproofing the inside doorways of your home can be simple with baby gates. This allows you to keep the door to a room open without allowing your child to get into that space. Simply measure your doorway and purchase a baby gate that is designed to fit that area.

When your baby is walking the walk, child proofing is an absolute necessity. In just a few minutes, you can turn your home into a safer space for your little one.

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This article was inspired by Canadian Comfort, an Ottawa company that specializes in custom doors.

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  1. Portella says:

    Thanks! We’re going to have a baby this spring and I’m already paranoid about everything. Childproof doors are a great solution.

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